World Heart Day 2021

Every year, September 29 is observed as World Heart Day to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and stroke. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 17 million people die from heart disease worldwide every year. The major cause of these fatalities is coronary heart disease or strokes. 

The day was first observed by the World Heart Federation in collaboration with the World Health Organization on September 24, 2000. The observance of this day was ideated by Antoni Baye de Luna, the former president of the World Health Federation. The day used to be observed on the last Sunday in September till 2011. 

Fondation Alain Carpentier, the Heart Institute of Ho Chi Minh City and CMI

Pr. Alain Carpentier is, perhaps, the world’s most renowned cardiologist. He is known as the father of modern mitral valve repair. In 1987, Dr Duong Quang Trung, Director of the health department of Ho Chi Minh City at the time, called Pr. Alain Carpentier for help:

“Over 10,000 children die of heart defects in Vietnam each year. We need your help”.

Dr Duong Quang Trung

Considering the dramatic situation of the children he had to examine, Pr. Carpentier suggested creating from scratch an Institute dedicated to the children of Vietnam with heart issues. Fondation Alain Carpentier was involved and raised funds in France to build the Heart Institute of Ho Chi Minh City.

Pr. Alain Carpentier is a member of the French Academy of Sciences and sits on the Board of Directors of the World Heart Foundation. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 1996 Prix mondial Cino Del Duca, in 2005 the American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) bestowed its Medallion for Scientific Achievement for only the fifth time in its history. In announcing Carpentier as the recipient, the AATS also noted that he is “one of the foremost medical philanthropists in the world”. In 2008, Pr. Alain Carpentier announced a fully implantable artificial heart. It was developed and will be manufactured by him, Biomedical firm Carmat, and venture capital firm Truffle.

Today, the Heart Institute of Ho Chi Minh City became a leading medical organization in Vietnam.

CMI’s Cardiology Department:

Through our historic collaboration with the Heart Institute of Ho Chi Minh City, the mission of CMI’s cardiology department is to provide a comprehensive approach from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

Our cardiologists work in close collaboration with the Heart Institute of Ho Chi Minh City, and provides the following services: Interventional cardiology, Cardiovascular surgery, Coronarography, Echocardiography and Electrocardiography.

How to book a cardiology consultation?

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