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S P E E C H   A N D   L A N G U A G E   T H E R A P Y


The speech and language therapy is based on rehabilitation of children and adults suffering from deficient physiological functions such as spoken and written language, voice usage and swallowing. The therapist will build up an individual therapy for each patient, in order to improve his communicating or eating functions.

Our difference

This therapy is based on regular appointments for which the practical details are explained and approved during the first meeting.

  • The speech therapist takes care of isolated disorders like dyslexia, language impairment, voice disorder, or multiple pathologies like handicap, deafness, cancer …
  • The therapist will work in connection with other specialists: ENT, orthodontist, paediatrician, psychologist, psychomotor therapist, neurologist …

Our team

Our Speech-Language Therapist Déborah Hadeler is graduated of the School of Speech Therapist in Strasbourg. She has worked since 2006 in metropolitan France and in La Réunion island.

Price for initial check up


Price for a consultation

30 minutes session:1.150.000VND

45 minutes session:1.650.000VND