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What is psychomotor therapy?

By considering both psychological and physical dimensions, Psychomotor therapy offers a global and integrative view of human beings. The aim of this paramedical profession is to improve individuals’ wellbeing and to promote their personal development.


Psychomotor therapist has a multitude of tools and the creativity to adapt to all types of populations and diseases. This holistic approach can help children, teenagers, adults or seniors to reconnect with their body. It stimulates the subject's resources, leading him to get to know himself better and to find within himself the key to his fulfilment.


The specialist first begins with a psychomotor assessment to identify the person’s difficulties and capacities. The professional can then recommends sessions in which the body will play a central role. A personal and adapted support is proposed for each person.


Psychomotor therapy is addressed to people with psychomotor disorders that affects their adaptation to the world such as:

• developmental delay

• difficulties with fine and gross motors skills, balance, coordination

• handwriting difficulties

• development coordination disorder, awkward or clumsy movements

• tonic-emotional disorders

• lack of concentration, hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit (ADHD), impulsivity

• psychomotor inhibition, difficulties with self-confidence

• Autism spectrum disorder

• laterality and directionality problems (laterality not fixed, difficulty dealing with directions)

• poor skills in spatial or time perception and/or orientation

• body scheme disorders

• stress, anxiety, depression, burn-out

• post-traumatic stress disorders

• chronic pains

• pathological ageing

Our team

Marine Bénard is a psychomotor therapist who graduates from the University of Lyon 1 and who has enriched her initial education with a double diploma focusing on psychomotor expertise. Marine Bénard holds an International Master's degree in Psychomotror therapy from the University of Murcia in Spain and the title of Expert in Psychomotor therapy with European reference.


Marine Bénard work experience is characterized by the diversity of the populations she has worked with. It ranges from children to the elderly. She has been particularly taking care of children with learning and behavioral disorders, adults with tonic-emotional management difficulties and chronic pains, as well as seniors who suffer of pathological ageing process.

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