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P S Y C H O M O T O R   T H E R A P Y

What is Psychomotor Therapy?

Psychomotor Therapy is for those who are uncomfortable in their bodies and who have difficulty communicating, expressing themselves and relating to the external world.

How does it work?

In psychomotor therapy it is the physical body that is at work. The sessions are on a scheduled rhythm and are conducted in a dedicated place. The therapist uses different tools (mats, ropes, balls, cloth, musical instruments…) There are 3 main elements that guide the work:

  • The relationship with self: discovering your body, all its potential and how better to use it; helping you to better express yourself and to use your body to communicate; to have a feeling of physical well-being and to be relaxed.
  • The relationship with other: to help you to be more at ease with others.
  • The relationship with the environment: to help you to better place yourself in space and time and to be more sensitive to rhythms.

Our Team

Graduated from University Paris VI, our psychomotor therapist Léa d'Errico mostly works with young children. Through playful and creative activities, she supports their psychomotor development and helps them to get global coordinations to encourage self confidence and general body wellbeing.

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