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P S Y C H O M O T O R   T H E R A P Y

Psychomotor Therapy is a specialty that proposes to act on the psyche by the mind-body-motor side (corporeal) to enable the person to improve his/her ability to adapt to the world.
Psychomotor therapy, proposes practices involving the body in its space, time and relationship, to get the person to know better his/her abilities and use them in the best way in his/her environment.
Psychomotor therapy is addressed to people with psychomotor disorders that affects their adaptation to the world in its perceptual-motor dimension, such as:


developmental delay

difficulties with fine and gross motors skills, balance, coordination
handwriting difficulties
dyspraxia, developmental coordination disorder (difficulties associated with movement and coordination) awkward or clumsy movements

•  tonic-emotional disorders
lack of concentration, hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit (ADHD) impulsivity
psychomotor inhibition, difficulties with self-confidence
autism spectrum disorders
laterality and directionality problems (laterality not fixed, diffilculty dealing with directions)

poor skills in spatial or time perception (problems in space or time orientation)

muscle tone disorders (difficulty regulating tone)

 body scheme disorders etc.




The psychomotor therapist first performs a psychomotor assessment to analyze the origin of the encountered difficulties.
He can then propose sessions where the body will play a role in order to act on psychomotor development issues or psychomotor disorders, by means of relaxation techniques, body or plastic expression and by rhythmic, graphic, playing activities, play, balance and coordination.

The psychomotor therapist uses for those purposes a variety of equipment like: hoops, balls, board games, graphic material, percussion instruments, modeling clay, puzzle and adapts them to the age and possibilities of each person.
The sessions take place at regular times and in a specific space:  the psychomotor room.


Psychomotor therapist Léa d'Errico, graduated from the University of Paris VI, completed her knowledge with a master degree in health, reeducation, rehabilitation and re-adaptation.
An quality accompaniment of is proposed for each person, in order to guide the patient to his construction and make him aware of his difficulties and the means used to solve them with his/her potentialities

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