Home nurse


Provide qualitative home care including blood tests



Morgane Petit is a home nurse graduated from the Institute of Training and nursing of Mulhouse and specialized in tropical Medecine from the Medecine faculty of Strasbourg. 

Home tratements, care and follow up provided, similar as in conventional hospital. 


List of treatments available


- Blood tests 

- Vital signs 

- Preparation and administration of therapeutics 

- Injections 

- Management and monitoring for diabetic patients (insulin therapy)

- Intravenous (single / implantable chamber / PICC LINE/ catheter...)

- Simple / complex dressing (requiring a VAC therapy device)

- Catheter

- Hygene and comfort care 

- Monitoring (discharge from hospital / return home)

- Pharmacy delivery



















Virginie Huby is a home nurse graduated from the Nurse Training Institute of Paris. 

She is available everyday after 4:30 pm and on saturdays and sundays all day.