This year, once again, CMI and the Heart Institute are organizing their annual Charity Gala. This event will be hosted on November 23rd at Park Hyatt Saigon.



Your support on this exceptional evening will allow us to raise the necessary funds to make our vision and mission a reality.


Since the first Heart Institute Gala in 2011 our generous sponsors and donators have contributed to raise the necessary funds to give to


438 children and families the lifesaving heart surgery they were waiting for


Our annual Gala, allows us to go further into the efforts of achieving the mission we fulfill each year since the creation of Alain Carpentier foundation, and CMI: to help deprived children to get their most needed heart surgery.


Together, we are transforming lives and futures.


If you want both to help saving the children and spend a wonderful night, please contact us to the address below.