Psychological support of families being adopted and adoptive children


We follow adopted or placed for adoption children as the consulate’s reference center. CMI has set up a special consultation for parents adopting a child from Vietnam. Our specialist will be back to you during difficult times of the adoption process. The relation with the original environment of the child; the place for the native country and the past in daily life; to understand and to know the adopted child different reactions under age; help him to support the other’s look... According with parents and the duration of stay the meeting with our clinical psychologist can take the form of preventive assistance or individual/ familial monitoring therapy. Consultations take place with or without the child.


Dr. Nguyen Cong Vien & Dr. Valérie Mariès, our pediatricians offer a complete checkup and reassure you about your child's health before his return home. They follow most of the children adopted by French families, in partnership with associations and accredited bodies.