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Psychology is a non-medical branch of the profession that cares for the psychological well-being of the patient. The psychologist treats persons having psychological, relational, behavioural, and psychosomatic problems. He is a third party outside of the person’s daily life who does not judge either the person or their problem. His objective is to help the person who is suffering to talk about their problem and together to find a solution to lessen or eliminate the problem.

Our difference

The department offers the following services:

  • Consultations for children,
  • Consultations for teenagers, 
  • Consultations for adults, 
  • Consultations for families, 
  • Consultations for adopting families, 
  • Private consultations.


This clinical practice is bound by a code of ethics and a code of deontology based on respect for the person and the rules of confidentiality.

Our team

Patricia BERGEROT is a qualified and experienced psychologist in the following areas :

• Clinical psychology : psychodynamic approach / psychoanalytic orientation,

• Clinical psychopathology,

• Cross-Cultural psychology.



Patricia has a solid experience with children with behavioral/personality disorders and adults experiencing psychological suffering.


She also has a good knowledge of addiction issues and had the opportunity to exercise in social, medico-social and humanitarian fields in France and abroad.

Price for a consultation



Cancellations 24 hours before the appointments will free be free of charge.

100% of the total amount will be charged ifor late cancellations or No show.